Treatment Protocol Meso Eye Lift


  • Face

  • Around the eyes

  • Neck

  • Hands



This treatment benefits

  • Anti-ageing, early signs of ageing

  • Reconstructs the face’s youthful shape and normal complexion

  • Firms/lifts the skin and is also compatible with botulinum toxins

  • Effective moisturiser

  • Captures free radicals and protects against external skin damage

  • Highly effective for damaged, mature and impure skin

  • Specially designed for firming area around the eyes



  • 35 +



Speed / Needle Length


  • Speed 3 / length 0,75 (eyes, forehead, nose)
  • Speed 4 / length 1 (hands, decollette)
  • Speed 5-6 / length 1 (cheeks, chin, neck)



  • Speed 3-4 / length 0,5-0,75 (all areas)

*We recommend adjusting ALL parameters up and down depending on skin sensitivilty.


Needle Module


  • (Circular movements)


  • can be used for crow's feet (Press and Lift Technique)


  • Medium to Moderate.
  • No pressure on sensitive areas.


  • See video "STEP BY STEP"
  • Circular movements with ø 1.5 cm (with the microlifting module)
  • MESO 3-11 POINT MODULES only on problem areas: crow's feet, scars, wrinkles, saggy skin (PRESS AND LIFT TECHNIQUE)


  • See video "STEP BY STEP"
  • From the nostrils outwards to both sides
  • Along the lash line towards the ears 


Number of Passes


  • 4-6 times per row (until redness occurs)


  • 20-60 sec. till minimal pinpoint bleeding occurs.


  • Can also be applied to thin and dehydrated skin, where the upper face and neck need attention and extra firming.

The entire face, neck, and décolleté are treated with MESO EYE LIFT.

Perfect for thin sensitive skin

Brightens, tightens, strengthes skin in the eye area

Tightens thin saggy skin on the neck


MESO 24-Point Nontraumatic Module

Circular movements


Press and lift technique (NO CIRCULAR MOVEMENTS)



  1. Remove Makeup and Cleanse Skin: Begin by removing makeup and cleansing the skin using the Meso Balancing Cleanser. After applying the cleanser, thoroughly rinse the skin with water.

  2. Prepare Meso-Cocktail: Get the MESO EYE LIFT meso-cocktail ready. Ensure you open a sterile 24-point non-traumatic module for use.

  3. Apply Meso Pure Peel: Using circular motions, apply the Meso Pure Peel to the skin, covering all sensitive areas, including the eyes, nose, and lips.

  4. Perform MESO EYE LIFT Treatment: Proceed with the treatment using MESO EYE LIFT.

  5. Additional step: Use the microneedling technique with press and lift movements on crow's feet, mimic lines, etc., with one of the Metal Meso modules (3-11-point) for 3-5 minutes now.

  6. Apply Meso Anti-Age Mask: After the MESO EYE LIFT treatment, apply the Meso Anti-age Mask. This mask is known for its calming, relieving, disinfecting, anti-aging, and hydrating properties. Place it properly under and above the eye.

  7. Conclude with Meso Lift and Protect Cream: Finish the treatment by applying the Meso Lift and Protect Cream. This cream offers anti-aging and healing benefits, along with anti-inflammatory properties and UV50 protection.


  • First 2 months: once a week

  • Next 2 months: minimum once a month

  • Maintenance: once every 6 months

  • Age 30+: 4-6 treatments

  • Age 40+: 6-8 treatments



Equipment and Needle modules
  1. Machine Selection: Utilize the Mesopower pen for the procedure.

  2. Standard Module for All Skin Types: Always use the 24-point non-traumatic module suitable for all skin types. Employ circular movements during application.

  3. Additional Modules for Specific Concerns: For targeted treatment of problem areas such as wrinkles, scars, and sagging skin, choose from additional modules like the 3-point, 11-point, or 36-point microneedling modules. Use a press and lift movement (resembling a tapping motion) when applying these modules.

Remember to adjust the technique based on the specific module being used. The 24-point module is generally suitable for broader application, while the other specified modules are more targeted for specific skin concerns.

Always ensure that the modules are sterile before use and follow any specific guidelines provided with your Mesopower pen for optimal results and safety.



Technique and Dosage 
  1. Speed and Length Settings:

    • For General Areas: Use speed settings 5-6 with the 24-point non-traumatic module for most areas of the face, excluding the eyes and forehead.
    • For Sensitive Areas: Switch to a lower speed setting of 3-4 when treating sensitive areas. This speed adjustment is also recommended when using any microneedling module other than the 24-point non-traumatic module.
  2. Dosage Instructions:

    • Standard Dosage: Use one 5 ml vial for the entire face and neck area. (Use the entire vial.)
    • For Dry Skin or Additional Areas: If treating dry skin or additional areas such as the hands and décolleté, there may be a need to use an extra vial.
    • Post-Treatment Use: Any remaining product can be taken home by the client for personal use. It can be applied as an active serum before cream for 2-3 days. The product should be kept refrigerated.
    • Important Note: The leftover product from a vial should not be used on another client.

Always ensure that these guidelines are followed precisely for safe and effective treatment.

Adjustments should be made based on individual skin types and specific areas being treated.


  1. Post-Invasive Treatments Waiting Period:

    • After Injections: Wait 14 days before starting the first mesotherapy treatment if the client has recently received any injections.
    • After CO2 Laser: Wait 6 weeks following a CO2 laser treatment.
    • After Hair Removal Laser: Wait 4 weeks after undergoing a hair removal laser procedure.
  2. Preparation for Fillers, Botox, Laser, Threads:

    • This treatment can be performed 2-4 times, with intervals of 7-10 days, before any invasive anti-aging treatment. The purpose is to refresh the skin and activate the tissue in preparation for these procedures.
  3. Treatment Course as a Standalone Regimen:

    • Perform 4-8 sessions, depending on the client's age and skin condition. This should be considered as a separate treatment course.
  4. Combining Treatments:

    • Start the skincare regimen with either the Meso Acne Peel or Meso Melanin Peel. These peels are designed to target specific skin concerns and should be used as the initial step in the treatment process.
    • Post-Peel Procedure:
      • After applying the peel, ensure to properly neutralize it according to the product instructions. This step is crucial for the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.
    • Continuation with Mesotherapy:
      • Once the peel has been neutralized, proceed with the normal mesotherapy treatment. This combination approach enhances the anti-aging effects of the overall treatment.
    • Enhanced Anti-Aging Benefits:
      • By starting with the Meso Acne or Meso Melanin Peel, you amplify the anti-aging action of the mesotherapy. This synergistic effect can lead to more pronounced and beneficial results.



Aftercare and maintainance
  1. Frequency and Maintenance:

    • It's safe to perform treatments every 14 days throughout the year without the risk of overtreating the skin.
    • Maintain the results with 1-2 treatments every 3-6 months.
  2. Annual Treatment Course:

    • Conduct the treatment course once a year, based on the client's demand and skin needs.
  1. Evening Makeup Removal:

    • Use Meso Balancing Cleanser or Meso Pure Peel to remove makeup in the evenings. These products are effective for thoroughly cleansing the skin.
  2. Nighttime Skincare for Skin Over 35:

    • Apply Meso Retinol Dream at night, specifically recommended for skin over 35 years of age. This product helps in rejuvenating and repairing the skin during sleep.
  3. Daytime Skincare Post-Treatment:

    • In the daytime, use Meso Lift and Protect Cream for at least 3 months following the treatment. Apply a very small amount and gently tap it into the skin. This cream provides protection and aids in the healing process.
  4. Eye Cream for Ages 25 and Above:

    • Use the 3D Eye Cream for individuals over 25 years old, both in the morning and evening. This cream is designed to address the delicate area around the eyes.
  5. Product Efficiency and Application:

    • All the mentioned products are highly concentrated, so only a small amount is required for each application.
    • There is no need to use a serum under the cream, as these creams already contain active ingredients with small molecular weight, enabling deep penetration into the dermis.