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About mesoskinline- Non-invasive & Invasive mesotherapy

mesoskinline is our specially designed concept in anti-ageing treatments - without medical intervention and related risk.
Our concept is based entirely on 100% safe, tested and certified products and equipment from the EU - your guarantee of impressive results.
It's essential for us that our clients feel safe when using the products and equipment we offer for treatments.  It's the only way you can pass on the same peace of mind and trust to your clients. 

The core of mesoskinline
specially designed concept consists of:   

Danish innovative thinking and our safe approach to treatment forms

German quality and their uncompromising approach to producing quality equipment

Italian focus on beauty and specially made formula for all our products


Based on our specially designed concept, we are able to offer the best possible treatment options with the guaranteed results that our clients dream of. 



About non-invasive mesotherapy

 mesoskinline products for non-invasive mesotherapy 

mesoskinline Meso aftercare products

mesoskinline Machines and equipment for mesotherapy


Non-invasive mesotherapy is a treatment that significantly improves the skin's appearance - without the use of surgery.

By feeding the skin an individually adapted combination (meso-cocktail) of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, you stimulate and increase collagen and elastin in the skin - reducing lines and wrinkles and restoring the skin's youthful glow.

Non-invasive mesotherapy can be used for all skin types and age groups, and is a great alternative to invasive treatments such as:


  • Plastic surgery

  • Fillers

  • PRP

  • And other chemical anti-ageing treatments


This is because non-invasive mesotherapy is a signi-ficantly milder method than those previously mentioned, with significantly fewer side-effects. And the effect is at least as good, and in some cases even better than surgical treatments.

Non-invasive mesotherapy is a renowned and tested treatment, which can be performed in beauty salons, by beauty therapists and at other anti-ageing clinics.

There is now an endless number of anti-ageing serums on the market, which you probably already know from treatments such as microneedling, laser and ultrasound technologies. 

The formula of mesoskinline's meso-cocktails really stands out from existing products. For more than five years and together with laboratories and experts in Denmark, Germany and Italy, we have been testing a number of different meso-cocktails for use with non-invasive methods.  

Through testing, we discovered a combination of ingredients that create the fastest possible results for our customers after just a few treatments, regardless of age, skin type and genetics.

This led us to create a range of products targeted at a number of specific problems - deep, fine lines in the skin, scars, pigmentation, stretch marks, hair loss and loose and dehydrated skin.

mesoskinline meso-cocktail formula was then tested and further improved at a renowned Italian laboratory, to increase the efficacy and synergy of the ingredients. This means improved absorption in the skin and therefore an improved end result.

Non-invasive mesotherapy is the perfect treatment for the client group who wants quick and visible results - without having to then follow a demanding skincare regime at home.

This is possible as long as the skin is hydrated and protected after each treatment.


That's why we have developed a few special products for aftercare, which give the clients an easy routine for maintaining the results of their treatments.


  • Purepeel stimulates cell renewal

  • The Meso Anti-age Mask gives an anti-ageing boost

  • Skin hydration and protection with Meso Lift and Protect

mesoskinline offers carefully selected machines and equipment for professional therapists and clinics who want the best possible equipment for mesotherapy treatments for their clients.

Our machines and equipment are specially made for non-invasive mesotherapy and are of the highest quality, made in the EU and, of course, tested and certified.


This guarantees the safety and quality of the equipment.

The Meso Power Device MS-3 is a good example of this. It is specially made for non-invasive mesotherapy and microneedling at MT Derm in Germany, and can be used with several treatment and hygiene modules for both the face and body. 


This allows therapists to combine several treatments by using either plastic meso modules or microneedling modules for treatments with mesoskinline meso-cocktails.

Italian products for mesotherapy

Thank you for visiting us! We are pleased to introduce you to our products for anti-age and cosmetic treatments.


Mesotech supplies to: Beauty clinics, cosmetologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, doctors, private hospitals, pharmacies, micropigmentists, m.v.


Mesotech is a leader in the market due to innovation and research. Mesotech produces recognized meso cocktails that meet European quality standards and are developed by experienced specialists in aesthetic medicine.



Mesotech certifications and standards - Top quality guarantee

  • ISO9001 is the basic certification in Mesotech srl. This certification covers all production steps.
  • ISO13485 quality standard includes ISO9001, traceability, cleanroom, facilities and sterilization for medical devices.
  • 93/42 / EEC (MDD) The Medical Devices Directive is a special guide for each medical device to ensure patient safety and comfort. PROCEDURE FOR PRODUCTION
  • All raw materials meet all requirements for medical devices. The production process is controlled according to ISO9001, ISO13485 quality systems. After production, all products are tested and inspected, including packaging, sterilization, etc.



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