CPD Certified Invasive Mesotherapy Course (Online course)

CPD Certified Invasive Mesotherapy Course (Online course)

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Mesotherapy course
– make the skin firmer with Mesotech®-products

Mesotherpay is a relatively new way of adding vitamins and anti-ageing ingredients to the skin and body.
Mesotherapy brings a natural rejuvenation to the skin in a therapeutic way, which results in a healthier skin.
The invasive treatment happens through skin-deep micro injections (0.5-1 mm) of small doses of anti-ageing mesococktails (consisting of vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid) in skin areas that need improvement in terms of colour, resilience etc.  
The injections are carried out using the latest high-tech equipment, Leadergun or manually. The benefits of a Leadergun is that it is fully automated and safe, where the precise amount of product is applied and the injections have the correct depth. 

Why Mesotech®?

Mesotechs® exclusive formula has a documented effect in treating the skin's different age changes. Since 2008, more than 3,000,000 treatments have been performed all over the world, with high satisfaction rates and excellent results. 


Mesotech®-products are used for invasive mesotherapy. They are sterile and must be refrigerated.


Mesotherapy using Mesotech®-products effectively treats wrinkles, pigment changes, scars and slack or dry skin, when the ingredients are inserted directly into the skin.
For a more targeted fight against the signs of ageing, you can easily combine treatments for different skin areas, such as the neck, face and back of the hand at the same time.

Entry requirements for mesotherapy courses: 

Contact us to hear more about your opportunity to join our courses.

What you learn on the course:

The course will first and foremost introduce you to the theory behind the treatment method that mesotherapy is based on. It's important for us that you understand all the benefits of becoming a mesotherapist, and that you believe in the excellent results that you can give your customers through mesotherapy treatments.


You will learn a mild and safe manual technique, which is particularly gentle on the face. Over and above the manual technique, Leadergun is a fast, accurate quality treatment, where the precise depth of injections and product quantities are carefully measured out during performance.

Mesotherapy Advanced-course – invasive treatments

On the Mesotherapy Advanced course, you learn to perform the most effective anti-ageing mesotherapy treatments on the body, scalp and face, with invasive treatments that use injections.


You learn to treat:

  • Age changes to the skin that occur as a result of photoageing (changes to the skin's structure, loss of elasticity, lack of moisture, thickening of the skin and premature formation of wrinkles). As the body gets older, natural age changes occur in the skin, such as slackness, wrinkles and dullness. Some people also experience enlarged pores or bags and dark circles under the eyes and slack skin on the hands.

  • To remove or reduce red and white stretch marks

  • To reduce or remove hair loss in men and women in all age groups

The course in invasive mesotherapy is 1 month, with 2 compulsory attendance days where you perform treatments on models. 


Dag 1 

  •  Mesotherapy for treating the lower part of the face


Day 2

  •  Mesotherapy for treating the upper part of the face
  •  Mesotherapy for treating hair loss or stretch marks


The treatments are highly specialised, and the only way to learn to perform them correctly is to focus on one topic at a time.


The course days will teach you the right technique, and you gain a solid product understanding of each individual meso product. 

About Mesotech® products for invasive mesotherapy

Mesotech® is an Italian pharmaceutical laboratory with more than 20 years experience of research, development, innovation, production and distribution of sterile medical equipment and innovative solutions for skincare and skincare clinics and medical institutes.


  • Mesotech® production follows the quality assurance standards ISO9001, ISO13485 (incl. EC label). All products are tested and regularly checked during production, including packaging, sterilisation etc.  
  • The products can be combined, and instantly improve the skin's condition. The treatments are completely safe and provide long-term and long-lasting results. 
  • The hyaluronic acid is a fundamental component for the skin and is an active basic ingredient in all products. The treatments are vegan, produced biotechnically and in very high concentrations.

What you get:

  • A four-week course with all the necessary support, correspondence and guidance between the two practical days 


  • A certificate (requires you to have completed 10 treatments by yourself)


  • 2 days of individual teaching and practice in small teams of only 2 to 4 participants


  • Subsequent free support


On the course day, you get 20% discount on products for invasive mesotherapy, to help you put together a start-kit to suit your customer group and your needs, and with only those products you need - or you can use our start-kits for non-invasive mesotherapy.

Course trainer:

Treatment techniques are taught by Mesotech trainer Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt, who is also a distributor of Mesotech® in both Scandinavia and Germany.

Further information:

Call (+45) 26 36 11 08 for more information on course days.

See our course schedule for all courses:

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If you have any questions or would like a call or to sign up for the course, please write to us here:Click here
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