Non-Invasive Mesotherapy CPD Certified Courses and Education


Mesoskinline's courses are recognized as some of the best on the market for      
non-invasive mesotherapy for several reasons:  



Our accredited educations and courses are offered by our partners in over 20 countries:


  1. International CPD Certification: guarantees that our courses meet international educational standards and achieve global recognition. The CPD certification - Continuing Professional Development - ensures continuous review and update of the courses so that they always reflect the latest trends and methods within mesotherapy. Acquiring a global CPD certification entails more than just knowledge acquisition; it results in the awarding of an International CPD Certificate. This certificate, as evidence of your professional skill and dedication, stands on par with recognized ISO standards and serves as a significant quality symbol and benchmark for professional expertise and efficiency internationally. Possession of this certificate will not only improve your professional profile but also create trust among potential employers and colleagues globally, confirming your status as a true expert in your field.  
  2. Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt as Instructor: Having a recognized expert like Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt as an instructor adds significant value to the courses. Her expertise and experience in the field ensure that participants gain in-depth and practical knowledge that is directly applicable in their professional practice.      
  3. Quality Products for Non-Invasive Mesotherapy: Mesoskinline offers some of the best non-invasive products on the market. These products are crucial for effective treatment and ensure that clients achieve the best results. The quality of the products also supports the students' learning and practice.      
  4. Combination of Theory and Practice: The courses combine online theoretical teaching with practical. This blend ensures that students gain a comprehensive understanding of both the theoretical aspects and the practical skills necessary to perform non-invasive mesotherapy effectively.      
  5. Production in the EU's Medical Laboratories: The products used in Mesoskinline's courses are produced in medical laboratories within the EU. This ensures high quality control and compliance with strict EU standards for safety and efficacy.


These factors combined make Mesoskinline's courses some of the most comprehensive and professionally recognized within non-invasive mesotherapy. 


This ensures that the students not only learn the latest techniques but also use the best products and receive an education that is recognized at an international level.



Our complete educational and course offerings are structured into two main parts: 


PART 1: 

Online theory and theoretical exam 

  • You can start PART 1 immediately.       
    After passing the theoretical exam, we coordinate the timing and course for the practical part, which takes place at our academy in Vejle or Copenhagen.   

PART 2: 

Practical training and theory 

  • The practical training is held at our academy in Vejle or Copenhagen.      
    Here you will receive instruction in the performance of treatments as well as theoretical topics.    
  • If you reside outside Denmark, the practical training (PART 2) can be conducted as a live online course.  Language options include Danish, English, German, Italian, or Russian.


  • You have the option to purchase PART 1 and PART 2 together, or you can choose to only buy PART 1 initially. After passing the theoretical part, you have the option to purchase and start PART 2.  

Entry requirements: 

  • The courses are open to everyone without prior qualification requirements. 


Start when it suits you: 

  • You can start the day after registration or at a time that suits you. The practical part is planned individually after you have completed the online course.      

Starter pack: 

  • A starter pack is included in the price of most of our courses.       


  • After successfully completing both PART 1 and PART 2, you will be awarded an international CPD certificate.  

    This certificate has international recognition and is valid worldwide and will include your full name and specify the exact education or course you have completed.  


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Our International CPD Certified courses and academy have been voted the best in 2020, 2021, 2023 and 2024