NEEDLEFLEX 18G - (50mm - 100mm) 100 Flexible needle cannula with blunt tip and side hole

NEEDLEFLEX 18G - (50mm - 100mm) 100 Flexible needle cannula with blunt tip and side hole

(1 skein = 100 sterile needles)

  • Advantage silicone lubrication system for a gentle injection

  • Indications mesotherapy, filler, injection

  • Length 50 mm - 100 mm

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Flexible cannula with a blunt tip and side hole


The balance between flexibility and stiffness. This flexibility allows the practitioner to adapt and control their movements to avoid pain and without damaging the dermis or underlying tissue.


Needleflex glides under the skin without damaging it.


Wide range of cannulas
Nine different sizes carefully selected to meet everyone's needs.


Suitable for any medical application
One or more sizes for each area, direct injection, and depth.


Available for all fillers and mesococktails on the market
Length, outer diameter, and internal calibers suitable for any mesococktail and filler range.


The best ratio of quality to price

Perfect flexibility and robustness with a stainless steel tube, and a plastic hub.


Complete medical safety

Minimal tissue traumatization thanks to a blunt cannula tip. 

Needleflex reduces the number of injection sites, making it less painful for the patient over a larger area.


Thanks to their flexibility and their blunt tip, micro cannula Needleflex reduces the risk of bruising and inflammatory reactions.


Needleflex micro-cannulas are EO sterile and medical single-use devices, class IIa. For professional use only - CE0476.


A box contains 100 pcs