(1 box = Vial 10mL)

  • Actives: penta, esa, octapeptide, avena sativa, HA
  • Indications: anti-aging
  • Results: simil botulinum action
  • Impact ingredients: multi-peptides


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The real alternative to botulinum toxin


Botophase is a restructuring and firming facial treatment designed to act from the deep skin stratums in order to recover the good appearance of the skin.

The unique combination of mimetic peptides such as: ArgirelineSNAP-8and Leuphasyl and other ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol, has a specific effect smoothening the fine lines, as well as, it helps the skin to have a smoother, better, and more elastic skin look.

The formula includes active ingredients of tested efficacy, all of them act together over the main causes of the first signs of aging. Botophase has a similar effect to botulinum (without any side effects), which is the relax of facial muscles and fibroblasts alongside the filling, antioxidating and nourishing effects he other ingredients provided.


Regulating the muscular tone, inhibiting the neuron acting over the nerve is a key factor to achieve the smoothening effect of the skin: The muscles contracts once received a neurotransmitter transported inside a vesicle. The protein complex SNARE (SNAP Receptor) is essential for the neurotransmitter's release during the synapse. This complex is composed by 3 structures: VAMP, Syntaxin & SNAP 25. The union of the vesicle and the complex is needed to merge it with the neuron membrane and then releases the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.


The inhibition of the SNARE complex causes the muscular relax, but this time the mimetic peptides just lightly destabilizes the complex acting over the SNAP 25 protein, instead the irreversible way botulinum works destroying it. This way the synaptic vesicles can not anchor and release acetylcholine in an efficient way, which allows a certain neurotransmission while a muscular relax. As a result, the muscular contraction is smoothened preventing the appearance of wrinkles.


Anti-ageing product indicated for intense revitalization and hydration of tired or loose skin, treatment of wrinkles and redensification of mature or slack skin.

  • Lifting
  • Flaccidity (face, breast, legs)
  • Sagging skin
  • Neck folds
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin hydration

Side effects/Contraindications
Do not use during pregnancy and lactation