Treatment Protocol Meso Stretch Mark Remover


  • Stretch marks 

  • Scars 

  • Deep wrinkles

  • Used on stretch marks and surrounding areas 



This treatment benefits

  • Significantly reduce white and red stretch marks

  • reduction of dyschromy and width of the stretch mark

  • collagenase activity on denatured collagen

  • peptide activity on increase of biosynthesis of collagen and elastin

  • provides a structural support network of fibronectin



  • 18 +









Speed / Needle Length


  • Speed 5-6/ length 1 (all areas)

*We recommend adjusting ALL parameters up and down depending on skin sensitivilty


Needle Module


  • can be used for scars or wrinkles due to strong skin repair effect of marine plasma and collagen (Press and Lift Technique)


  • Medium to Moderate.


  • See video "STEP BY STEP"
  • 36-POINT MODULES only on problem areas: scars, wrinkles, saggy skin (PRESS AND LIFT TECHNIQUE)


  • See video "STEP BY STEP"
  • Along and inbetween stretch marks forwards and backwards


Number of Passes


  • 20-120 sec. till quite visible pinpoint bleeding occurs.


  • Consultation and Measurement: Before starting any Stretch Mark Removal treatment, conduct a consultation to measure the area. Treatable areas are typically 15 x 15 cm, in line with the protocol.
  • Can be ued as Collagen Booster in any treatment on problem areas
  • Can be used at home as night serum for extra collagen boost

Treat the entire area, use the entire meso cocktail.

Reduces smoker lines

Reduces scars

Reduces mimic lines




Press and lift technique (NO CIRCULAR MOVEMENTS)



  1. Preparation of the Area: Cleanse the area with Meso Pure Peel. Apply it in circular movements for 1-2 minutes. This step prepares the skin for treatment.
  2. Anesthetic (Optional): Initially, no anesthetic is required. However, if needed, 5% lidocaine can be applied later during the treatment.
  3. Treatment Application: Use a sterile 36-point MAXI MODULE. Apply it at least 7-10 times per stretch mark and 5-7 times between stretch marks. This process improves the elasticity of the entire tissue, not just the critical areas. Expect visible redness and pinpoint bleeding.
  4. Adjusting Treatment for Skin Types: For less sensitive skin or areas with insufficient reaction, revisit the same spots several times during the treatment and repeat the technique.
  5. Cleaning and Application During Treatment: If blood appears, wipe it off using Meso Pure Peel. Then, apply more Meso Stretch Mark Remover on the irritated skin using circular fingertip movements.
  6. Final Application: Finish by applying a thick layer of Meso Lift and Protect to the treated area. Allow it to absorb for 3-5 minutes. Massage the area gently with more Lift and Protect, if necessary.

  • First 2 months: once a week/10 days

  • Next 2-3 months: minimum once a month



Equipment and Needle modules
  1. Machine Selection: Utilize the Mesopower pen for the procedure

  2. Special Module for Stretch marks and scars: 36-point microneedling module with press and lift movement (resembling a tapping motion).



Technique and Dosage 
  1. Speed and Length Settings:

    • Speed 5-6/ length 1
  2. Dosage Instructions:

    • Standard Dosage: Use one 5 ml vial for the area of 15x15 cm
    • Important Note: The leftover product from a vial should not be used on another client.

Always ensure that these guidelines are followed precisely for safe and effective treatment.

Adjustments should be made based on individual skin types and specific areas being treated.



Post-Invasive Treatments Waiting Period:

  • After Injections (lipo mesotherapy, fillers etc.): Wait 14 days before starting the first mesotherapy treatment if the client has recently received any injections.
  • After CO2 Laser: Wait 6 weeks following a CO2 laser treatment.
  • After Hair Removal Laser: Wait 4 weeks after undergoing a hair removal laser procedure.





Aftercare and maintainance
  1. Frequency and Maintenance:

    • It's safe to perform treatments every 14-21 days until wanted result is achieved.
    • No maintenance is required
    • Meso Pure Peel (evening), Meso Lift and Protect (morning), Reoil (evening after Meso Pure Peel)) is recommended to be used during treatment course.

2. Aftercare

Avoid water and tight clothes for 24-48 hours and sauna, peels, massage, training for 5-7 days depending on sensitivity of the skin.