Treatment Protocol Meso Hair Loss Control


  • Scalp

  • Eyebrows

  • Beard



This treatment benefits

  • Stop the hair loss process

  • Stimulates the micro circulation

  • Affects 5a-reductase inhibitors

  • Regulates the production of tallow

  • Nourishes the hair roots

  • Increases the thickness of the hair strands

  • Rebuilds the cuticles

  • Strengthens the medulla

  • Makes the hair glossy




Speed / Needle Length
Speed 5-6 / length 0,75-1 


Needle Module

MESO 24-Point Nontraumatic Module (Circular movements)





See video "STEP BY STEP"

Circular movements with ø 1.5 cm (with the microlifting module)



See video "STEP BY STEP"

  • Treat the scalp in rows from the forehead to the back of the head (one row at a time). The client can be lying down at this point.
  • When the client sits up, you can treat the back part of the scalp in rows (direction from ear to ear and lift the hair upward to the top of the head).
  • It is not essential which way your directions of movements are - just ensure the product is not running to the face or neck, as it is quite leaky.


Number of Passes
4-6 times per row (until redness occurs)


  • Offer this treatment as an add-on treatment to any mesotherapy treatment, as the client can lie with the mask while you perform it. You can use the same 24-non-traumatic module you have just used on the face.
  • It is a Scalp Detox treatment, which will prevent hair loss and improve the scalp condition and quality of the existing hairs. We recommend getting this treatment 3-4 times a year together with any facial.


The entire scalp are treated with MESO HAIR LOSS CONTROL.

Improves hair growth in specific areas as eyebrows, beard, hairline etc.


Preparation of scalp with Meso Pure Peel


Treatment of scalp with Meso Hair Loss Control with

MESO 24-Point Nontraumatic Module
Circular movements


Treatment of beard with Meso Hair Loss Control

MESO 24-Point Nontraumatic Module
Circular movements


Treatment of Eyebrows with Meso Hair Loss Control

MESO 24-Point Nontraumatic Module
Circular movements



  1. Prepare Meso-Cocktail: Get the MESO HAIR LOSS CONTROL meso-cocktail ready. Ensure you open a sterile 24-point non-traumatic module for use.

  2. Apply Meso Pure Peel: Using circular motions, apply the Meso Pure Peel to the scalp.

  3. Perform MESO HAIR LOSS CONTROL Treatment: Proceed with the treatment using MESO HAIR LOSS CONTROL. Massage the rest of the product in for 2-3 minutes after the treatment to increase blood flow.


  • First 2 months: once a week/10 days

  • Next 2-3 months: minimum once a month

  • Maintenance: once every 2-3 months




Equipment and Needle modules
  1. Machine Selection: Utilize the Mesopower pen for the procedure.

  2. Standard Module for All Skin Types: Always use the 24-point non-traumatic module suitable for all skin types. Employ circular movements during application.

Always ensure that the modules are sterile before use and follow any specific guidelines provided with your Mesopower pen for optimal results and safety.



Technique and Dosage 
  1. Speed and Length Settings:

    • For General Areas: Use speed settings 5-6 with the 24-point non-traumatic module.
  2. Dosage Instructions:

    • Standard Dosage: Use one 5 ml vial for the entire scalp.
    • Leftover: Any remaining product shall be massaged into scalp immediately.
    • Important Note: The leftover product from a vial should not be used on another client.

Always ensure that these guidelines are followed precisely for safe and effective treatment.



Aftercare and maintainance

 General aftercare:

  • During the 4-Month Hair Growth Treatment Course:

    • Apply Tricocure serum once daily by gently massaging a small amount into the scalp.
    • Take 2 tablets of HS supplement daily.
    • Use Tricocure shampoo (blue) 1-2 times a week.
  • After Completing the Treatment Course:

    • Continue taking the HS supplement for 1 month, 3-4 times a year.
    • Use Tricocure Serum 2-3 times a week for ongoing care.
  • For Clients with Sensitive Scalp, Dandruff, or Psoriasis:

    • Tricocure shampoo is highly recommended.
    • Allow the shampoo to act until it feels cooling (about 3-4 minutes) before rinsing off.
  • Extra Tip for Clients with Oily Scalp or Psoriasis:

    • Use Meso Pure peel before bedtime.
    • Gently massage it into the scalp.
    • This helps hydrate the scalp, remove dead cells and dandruff, and provides a calming action throughout the night.

Special aftercare:

If you are planning to undergo a hair transplantation operation in certain areas of the scalp, we recommend:

  1. Pre-Operation Hair Transplantation Care:

    • Undergo 4-6 Meso Hair Growth treatments across the entire scalp.
    • Aim to complete these treatments at least 7 days before your hair transplantation operation.
    • The treatments are designed to activate tissue and stimulate every hair follicle.


2. Post-Operation Care:

  • Use Tricocure (Green), our specially developed post-operation shampoo.
  • Apply the shampoo at least twice a week for the first 6 months after the operation.


  • Continued Treatment:
    • One month post-operation, Meso Hair Growth treatments can be resumed.
    • These treatments should be limited to areas not affected by the operation.