CHELASKIN (30mL) (Sold only outside Europe)

CHELASKIN (30mL) (Sold only outside Europe)


(1 airless 30 ml e.a.)

  • Actives lactoferrin
  • Benefit stop bruise, flush and redness post-treatment
  • Indications post-laser, post-filler, mesotherapy

Not available in Europe


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Stop bruises


Chelaskin performs immediate removal of bruises, post-filler, post-mesotherapy, post-sclerotherapy, postlaser, post skin-roller, post-dermoabrasion, post-rhinoplasty, and so on...
It allows to extend filler’s half-life, thanks tothe anti-metal protease chelating action.
It performs an efficient purifying action,removing all dermal deposits of heavy metals (iron, lead and zinc) which concur to skin aging.


The Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein mainly present in breast milk, but is present in many secretions such as tears and saliva with a strong chelating action of the iron.


The Lactoferrin is a chelator endogenous which belongs to the family of transferrins.


The Lactoferrin is able to chelate iron (two atoms) at neutral or alkaline pH and of release at acidic pH.


The three-dimensional structure of lactoferrin, consists of a single polypeptide chain of 692 amino acids, is organized in two globular lobes joined by a alpha-helix.
Each of the two lobes of the protein consists of two domains. The protein is structured in such a way such as to have a single binding site for the iron for each lobe, located in each of the faces internal of intra-dominial space.
The binding properties of lactoferrin are developed through the combined action of 4 residues amino acid identical for each lobe and and include, in addition to the ferric ion, a counter ion (normally a CO32-), synergistic for each Fe3 +. This set of ligands is chemically and geometrically ideal for a high binding affinity reversible with iron and the presence of a non-protein element (CO3 2 -) seems to be a necessary condition both for the bond, and for the release of iron.


Mode of action
Main characteristic of Lactoferrin is to have a molecular conformation such as to host within itself two ions iron thus allowing to adjust the transport and absorption, as well as increase its bioavailability.
It is believed that this is the only system for integrating the iron in every cell of the human body and the use of Lactoferrin permitting its introduction in much lower dosages than those used up to now, since it increases the bioavailability and then absorption.


Anti-inflammatory Activities
As regards the ability anti-inflammatory of the Lactoferrin, significant traces have been noticed in the circulation during the inflammatory phase, resulting from activated neutrophils.
This evidence suggests that the Lactoferrin put into circulation acts in such a way as to inhibit the excessive production of cytokines and preventing the excessive recruitment and activation of leukocytes in the inflamed areas.


Aesthetic Medicine: bruises after filler, mesotherapy, needling, laser, RF, discoloration of sclerosing.
Aesthetic surgery: rhinoplasty, liposuction, blepharoplasty, lifting.
Home indications: dark circle, vascular sign (couperose, teleangectasie, rosacea), dark spot.


How to use
To apply on the skin and massage gently.


Each dose is of 0,15mL. The quantity to use it depends by the dimension of the area to treat. Apply Chelaskin trough a gentle massage.


For aesthetic medicine indications one application is enough immediately after the session.
For aesthetic surgery, it needs the applications at home by the patient.
For homecare indications: apply twice (morning and evening) on the area for 2/3 days.
It is suggetsed to wait for the total absorption before makeup or bandages to use.