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warm-effect anti-cellulite gel with ball dispenser with lipolytic, reducing and toning action

The so-called “cellulite” is a frequent dystrophic alteration capable of affecting, in successive stages of severity, different areas of the subcutaneous adipose tissue. This dystrophy involves the dermis and hypodermis, which tend to swell due to the stagnation of waste products due to a slowdown in haemolymphatic circulation. A constant feature of the cellulite process is the difficult solution to the vicious circle that is created. The first objective was to synthesize a substance capable with certainty of stimulating the adipocyte, which presented a remarkable stability, subject to the undeferrable principle of complete non-toxicity and lack of systemic effects.


Celludren Strong Action was formulated using the knowledge gained in over 30 years in the dermatological field.
Contains innovative and latest generation active ingredients, whose action is performed in a synergistic way.


Main assets

Liporedux Pro For: (induces a significant reduction in the circumference of the thigh, up to 2.50 cm*).


Cla-Carnitine: is a patented molecule of natural derivation, transports fatty acids allowing their use instead of storage (lipogenesis).


Forscolin: it is the extract of the root of Coleus forskohlii, it exerts a very powerful lipolytic action, it intervenes in the metabolism of fats, favoring, within the adipocytes, the splitting of stored fats (lipolysis).


Escin: phospholipid complex of triterpene saponins (escin) derived from Aesculus Hippocastanum.
With soothing, anti-oedema and venotonic properties. Promotes venous circulation, improves capillary tone, reduces capillary permeability. It has a draining action that helps reduce cellulite and helps improve skin firmness and tone.


Iodotrat: based on iodinated amino acids and iodinated amines which act on the adipocyte by diaderma quickly, activating the lipocatabolic function and therefore mobilizing the panniculus. Its action is completely non-toxic unlike l-thyroxine and d-thyroxine (the former hormonal and the latter non-hormonal), effective only due to the iodine content which they are able to release to a limited extent. The compound has exceptional dermo-affinity and excellent skin penetration.


Dermochlorella: extract of a particular species of seaweed, Chlorella sorokiniana, which grows in fresh water. It is rich in antioxidants, which help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. These compounds help reduce inflammation and swelling, two factors that can contribute to cellulite formation. Furthermore, Dermochlorella has been shown to have draining properties and to stimulate blood circulation. This can help reduce the accumulation of fluid in fat cells and improve the appearance of the skin.


Caffeine produces a lipolytic, reducing and toning action, and the Horse Chestnut and Centella extracts act against water retention, swelling of the legs and cellulite thanks to their vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory and draining properties.