Certified Clinical Peel Course (pH 3.5) - Online course

Certified Clinical Peel Course (pH 3.5) - Online course

mesoskinline Clinical Peel Course online

Study the theoretical material and learn step-by-step treatment during two weeks online, and afterwords  attend a practice day at your trainer to get the CPD certificate. 


Become a part of the globally certified course centre with CPD accredited courses.

At our academy, you can also learn:


  • Non-invasive mesotherapy treatments, which reduce wrinkles, stretch marks, hair loss, scars and regenerate volume through intense skin hydration 

  • New generation BB glow treatment, which evens out skin tone, camouflages pigment change and regenerates the skin's healthy structure, especially post-acne skin, rosacea, and broken blood vessels

Our courses, training, products and distribution comply with all rules, guidelines and legislation from: The National Board of Health (cf. section 74 of the Authorization Act). The Danish Medicines Agency, the EU and CPD.

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Part 1 - Online course
Part 2 - Practice at Academy incl. CPD Certificate
Part 1 & Part 2 incl. CPD Certificate

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Certified products

Produced in the EU


mesoskinline Clinical Peel course (pH 3.5) 

Learn all the techniques and become globally certified in Clinical Peeling

(The only certified course in Scandinavia)

Do you want to offer more than just a classic facial treatment, where you bring clear and long-lasting anti-ageing results without surgical intervention or use of lasers?


Are you already working with skin and would like to take a special upgrade course?    This course will be the perfect supplement to your skills.

Med mesoskinlines Meso Peel Acne and Meso Peel Melanin effectively reduce both acne breakouts and hyperpigmentation in just 3-4 treatments without redness, discomfort or irritation.
This is not a medical treatment as the acidity levels meet statutory requirements and are pH 3.0.


On this specially designed Fruit Acid course, you'll learn

Module 1 (online) - 14 days

  • The theory behind the products

  • Step-by-step treatment video

Module 2 (at your trainer) - one day

  • Practice on a model

  • To implement Peel treatments as part of your other services and combination treatments.


Products you learn to work with


Meso Peel Acne

Fungicidal and anti-acne properties.

Pyruvic acid effectively reduces melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and plays an important role in depigmentation and the inhibition of keratinocytes. 
It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and seboregulatory properties. Salicylic acid is a low-hydrophilic beta-oxyacid that acts as a deep cleanser and regulates sebum production. 
It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent and anti-aging properties.


Meso Peel Melanin

Properties that counteract age-related skin changes and hyperpigmentation. 
Pyruvic acid effectively reduces melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and plays an important role in depigmentation and the inhibition of keratinocytes. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and seboregulatory properties. 
Resorcinol is a phenol derivative with deep-cleansing and regenerating properties, which fights melanin hyperpigmentation and has a bleaching effect. 
Phytic acid is a powerful copper-forming substance that promotes the inhibition of the tyrosinase enzyme and has a depigmenting effect.



The difference between medical and clinical peeling

Peeling with products with a pH value of less than 3.1 can only be performed by medical professionals.


mesoskinline and Mesotech has therefore developed a peeling product with a pH value of 3.5 with the same properties as medical peeling products, butwithout the risk of burns or an uncomfortable healing process.



This course includes


  • A certified course (The course is the only certified course in Scandinavia) 

  • All the required support, correspondence and guidance during and after the course

  • Subsequent free support

  • Free parking

  • Models for treatments

  • Start

  • Snack and tee/coffee

  • Right to buy mesoskinline products (Requires completion of the mesoskinline or Mesotech course)

  • Access to the mesoskinline webshop, images and logos

  • Discount for mesoskinline training in non-invasive mesotherapy

  • Globally CPD accredited certificate



How long does the training take

PART 1: 2 weeks - online study.
PART 2: 1 day at the course center.
  • Theory folder is handed out

  • model Treatments


  • Startkit
  • Snacks and tea / coffee


  • summary



Course price 

Part 1: € 134,20

(Online course Including course certificate)


Part 2: € 335,60

(Online course center Including CPD Certificate & 2 x Meso Peel Kit (Meso Peel Acne & Meso Peel Melanin)


Part 1 & part 2: € 469,80


Excl. VAT

Non-invasive mesotherapy is an independent course that does not require a specific education to be admitted.


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You also learn about


  • mesoskinline products and their ingredients and composition.

  • Skin types.

  • Hygiene.

  • Healing and aftercare



Trainers and course registration


The course is run by trainers and course leaders certified in mesoskinline.
Courses are available All over the countryy - contact us to find your nearest trainer.




Alle mesoskinline produkter er udviklet i partnerskab med mesotech, et verdensomspændende italiensk farmaceutisk laboratorium med mere end 25 års erfaring.




mesoskinlines certificerede kurser afholdes i mere end 40 lande


Provider of Training excellence with fully accredited CPD certificering